Common Sense vs. Blatant Lies

"The border is securely closed"  
"Carbon dioxide is a pollutant" "Battery powered electric cars are the future"
    "The vaccines are safe and effective"      "Wear a mask!"
  "Joe Biden got 81 million votes"   "The Illinois state budget is balanced"


We've heard so many whoppers from government officials in recent years that some of us are tempted to give up on the Constitution.  When those in power clearly don't have our best interests at heart, it betrays any trust we had in our government, destroys our hope for a better state, and kills the incentive to maintain law & order.

But fortunately, many voters have too much Common Sense to believe the obvious lies and intimidation.  They know that for Illinois state government to have any moral authority, it must be a model of honesty and must obviously put residents' welfare foremost.

So we must all take our voting responsibility seriously, and kick out the liars and grifters and the self-serving, power-mad Marxists, and elect average citizens who will care about all citizens' welfare.  If you're not registered to vote, you can do so online at this website: Illinois Online Voter Registration Application: Home Page.  (Note that online registration for the March primary ends on March 3rd, and the website opens up again for the November General Election on March 21st.)  I urge every registered voter to vote this year, even in the Primary, and use whatever method is most convenient for you: mail-in ballots are already being sent, and you can still apply for one until March 14th in Chicago (Chicago Board of Elections vote-by-mail) and suburban Cook County (Cook County Clerk vote-by-mail); and early in-person voting begins on March 4.