The office of state senator necessarily has a longer-term focus than state representatives, and should be concerned with the direction and health of the whole state.

Illinois government has no consideration for taxpayers, and commits to ever-greater deficit spending for programs that don't benefit the average Illinois citizen, just the politically-connected. Likewise, law enforcement's hands are tied for the benefit of those they have good cause to arrest, rather than for the cause of public safety. The state government feels it can micro-manage our lives and the economy without restriction, but I would be a NO vote on such matters. I would put penalties on lawmakers for irresponsible spending commitments, and push for reduced red tape for businesses and codify the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.


Public schools in Illinois are ridiculously expensive and ineffective, because the teachers' unions essentially can get whatever they want, such as the Covid lockdowns that reversed any progress made in the last 20 years.  And the situation is only made worse because the Legislature and the Governor declined to re-authorize the Invest in Kids school choice tax credit scholarship program.


For several years, public voices have openly worried about the stability of the earth's climate, suggesting that fundamental measures (like atmospheric CO2 concentration) are trending out of balance, and that we can control them by means of sweeping (and enormously expensive) lifestyle changes (like eliminating carbon-based fuels and gasoline-powered vehicles).  However, these steps are being taken without a coordinated plan, to achieve a questionable goal.

Prominent among these voices have been Democrat leaders, eager to demonstrate unlimited support for the fears of some people, and to justify more government spending and regulations.

For example, Governor Pritzker is so eager to get credit for electric vehicle support, he outrageously promised half a billion dollars to Gotion, a company connected to the Chinese Communist Party that would produce batteries for electric vehicles in a new plant in Manteno.

By contrast, I would encourage calm reliance on the historical resilience of natural systems and recognition of the true proportion of human impact on global conditions.  In particular, I recognize that the current atmospheric level of CO2 is 0.04%, 1/25th of the maximum normal level acceptable for factory workers.

Regarding Abortion

Many people have seized on the issue of abortion as a litmus test to determine acceptability of legislative candidates with regard to "personal freedom"; however, I would stress that it's an issue of personal conscience.  While I do not agree with the idea of killing unborn life, I also do not feel an obligation to stop or ban every abortion.  I do think that the state of Illinois should not encourage or use taxpayer dollars for any abortions.