About Jon Luers

Hi, I'm Jon Luers, and I'm running to be State Senator for Illinois' 10th district. I've been a software engineer for 40 years, designing, troubleshooting, and supporting a visual data analysis product line, but now I'm focusing on restoring some sanity and accountability to Springfield. It's been discouraging to see Illinois and the USA dragged so quickly into a morass of debt and lunacy by self-serving Democrats, but I'm seeing indications that more and more people are realizing how little the Democrats actually care about them, and are ready for real change. My opponent, Rob Martwick, is a Mike Madigan clone with his own property tax appeals business that benefits him as our taxes go up. I was so disappointed to see him run with no opposition in 2022 that I ran as a write-in candidate, and managed to get 515 votes.

I was born in Chicago, grew up in the south suburbs, and got Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Northwestern. My wife Robin and I enjoy gardening and traveling, and have visited all 50 states.